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Visitor Management Systems

SysControl Secure specialise in digital visitor management systems. Our visitor management systems enable businesses, complexes and residential estates to control and manage access to the premises.   

Keeping your premises safe starts with your entrances and exists. Having a visitor management system replaces traditional paper-based sign-in books. Real time, accurate data allows you to know what is happening, when it happens. Visitor management systems make sign-in quicker, all while more information is collected. Security is able to quickly scan driver’s licences and vehicle registration disks on entry and again on exit.

The benefits of our visitor management systems

  • Accuracy
    Driver’s licences and vehicle licenses are digitally scanned to reduce errors
  • Green
    Save trees, water and electricity by eliminating paper-based sign-in books
  • Add a photo
    The photo of the driver’s licence is stored and allows security personnel to easily view it in the case of a later investigation
  • Screening
    Visitor sign-in keeps your property secure by screening for unwanted visitors
  • Reliable information
    Paper-based sign-in can result in incorrect and inaccurate information
  • Returning visitors
    Visitor management systems recognise returning visitors as all information is saved and stored

All visitors are discretely security checked against watchlists and visitor profiles are created. Information is stored securely and is POPI compliant.

Employees are able to pre-register visitors online ahead of time and are then notified electronically when their visitor arrives.

SH95 – Rugged Android PDA terminal with an IP65-rating.

  • Rugged design
    The SH95 Scanner can withstand multiple impacts (drop) up to 1.5m
  • 5MP Camera
    High resolution autofocus digital camera with LED flash
  • IP 65
    IP65 sealing complete protection against dust or splashes
  • Barcode Scanner
    2D CMOS Scanner supporting PDF417 for SADL and SAVL
  • Convenience
    The SH95 has integrated 3 scanning trigger keys to capture the barcode data when and where you need it, thus making scanning quick and easy
  • Battery
    3.8V 3800mAh large capacity battery
  • 4G LTE
    HSPA+, GSM, Wifi, Bluetooth
  • 4″ touch screen
    With numeric keypad

Visitor management system smart phone app

Allow your residents to manage their own visitors using a smart visitor entry app on their smart phone.

Visitor information, such as driver’s licences and vehicle licences, are scanned and stored. Visitors are allowed access via randomised, single-use PIN numbers sent to their app or via SMS. Customise your delivery messages to contain unique information to suit your requirements. Visitor movements within the estate are tracked via the access control system until they exit the estate using their unique PIN.

Deliveries, taxis and other non-expected visitors can be easily handled through the app by the security guard managing the gate.

All data storage is POPI compliant.

Visitor Management System Scanner
Visitor Management System Scanner
Visitor Management System App Messages
Visitor Management System Pin Pad
Visitor Management System App Welcome Message
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