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SysControl Secure installs and maintains most access control systems. Access systems include biometric fingerprint readers, vascular scanners, facial recognition systems, proximity access control with tags or cards, Bluetooth readers, ANPR, NEDAP systems, and simple keypad units.

Access control systems can be installed on their own RS485 network, or onto the existing TCP/IP data network of the client. Remote sites can be linked via optical fibre cable, WAN, internet, GSM/GPRS/SMS.

The access control system can be integrated with your point of sale system, CCTV system, intruder alarm system or payroll.

We also install magnetic door locks, striker locks, solenoid locks, sliding door systems, goose necks, drop boxes and turnstiles.

Turnstiles are available in waist height turnstiles, speed stiles, glass turnstiles, custom made units, full height metal turnstiles and double full height turnstiles. Your automatic access booms and gate automation motors can also be connected to the access control system.

We also supply the servers, enrolment and management software, time and attendance packages, remote software, integration software and training.

The access control brands we install include Gallagher, Paxton, Impro, Idemia(Morpho), ZKTeco, Suprema, Centurion Systems, Turnstar and Boom Gate Systems.

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