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SysControl Secure installs and maintains most hardwired, IP and GSM based intercom systems.

Intercom systems installations include 1 to 1 audio intercoms, 1 to many intercoms, 1 to 1 video intercoms and 1 to many video intercoms.

In addition, video systems are available in black and white as well as full colour.

We also install and maintain the “Comb Communications” range of GSM based systems, which is traditionally installed at town house complexes, residential estates and business parks.

Some of the brands we install are Tri-Bpt, Commax, Paxton, Centurion Polo, Comb MK2.

Furthermore, we also install intercom systems to integrate with your building access automation system, as well as IP based systems that can connect to your IP PABX. These SIP intercoms can also work from a web frontend and a built in IP camera is optional.

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Intercom Setup
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