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SysControl Secure is qualified to design, supply, install and maintain fire detection systems according to the SABS SANS 10139 standard.

Our fire services and products include:

  • Conventional Fire Alarm Systems
  • Addressable loop Fire Alarm Systems
  • Networked Fire Systems
  • Manual Fire Alarm Call Points
  • Optical Smoke Detectors (Commonly used smoke detector)
  • Fixed Temperature Detectors – 60 / 90 degrees
  • Rate of rise Detectors (Detect rising heat with or without smoke)
  • Ionization Smoke Detectors (Used to detect invisible smoke)
  • Optical Beam Detectors (Fire Beams, example large warehouse facilities)
  • Aspirating Smoke Detectors (Critical Electronic Rooms & Server Rooms)
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Flame Detectors – Used on industrial plants and spray booths
  • Fire Sounders and Strobe Lights

We also facilitate the design, supply, installation and maintenance of equipment for the following fire systems:

  • Fire suppression systems – Sprinkler systems
  • Fire suppression systems – Aragonite systems
  • Fire suppression systems – FM 200 systems
  • Fire suppression systems – CO2 systems
  • High quality fire extinguishers
  • Fire blankets
  • Key boxes
  • Evacuation signs
  • First aid kits
Fire Alarm Installation
Fire Extinguishers
Smoke And Fire Warning System By Syscontrol Secure
Fire Alarms And Signage By Syscontrol Secure
Fire Alarm Installation
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