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SysControl Secure provides a custom off site video monitoring service to selected clients.

Our custom built monitoring centre is approved by the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA), and by the South African Intruder Detection Services Association (SAIDSA) and our controllers and camera operators are trained according to the client’s specific requirements. We currently provide our clients with off site video monitoring facilities via secure and redundant internet connections.

Currently we support the following Video Platforms:

  • Milestone
  • Avigilon
  • HikVision
  • Dahua
  • Deep Data

SysControl Secure can offer the following video monitoring services:

On Site Monitoring: With the onsite service, we will provide the client with a trained CCTV operator to monitor the cameras on your premises. The operator can use the cameras for both security and/or production management purposes. Normally this service will operate during the client’s working hours, and after hours, the monitoring services will be done off site at our 24 hour control room.

Dedicated Off Site Monitoring: With the dedicated off site monitoring service, a workstation and trained CCTV operator will be assigned to your cameras exclusively. The operator will be trained specifically for your site and the service is available on a 12 or 24 hour basis. This service is only available for security monitoring and not for production management.

Scheduled Off Site Monitoring: With the scheduled service, our operators will dial into your camera system at specific times or randomly to view the cameras. This service is ideal for shops during cash up, opening and closing times.

Event Monitoring: Event monitoring is the most cost effective and most popular cctv monitoring service. Upon receiving a trigger from the client’s premises the operator views the footage and actions the event appropriately

Off Site Monitoring Screen
Off Site Monitoring Cameras And Video
Off Site Monitoring Cameras
Off Site Monitoring Control Room
Off Site Monitoring
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