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Video IQ

In a world where criminals run riot and crime is constantly on the brink, you have to take the necessary precautionary measures to ensure that your safety is maximised – thankfully Video IQ affords you that precautionary measure. Imagine having a security system that is so sophisticated that it can actually detect, view and respond to suspicious activity immediately with live event-based monitoring, real-time alert notifications and instant response options – with Video IQ you don’t have to imagine as it does exactly that! Top notch vigilance and prevention has been made a whole lot more accessible and is just a click away.

Video IQ is a godsend and is the product of cutting edge technology. The complete, all-in-one surveillance solution is accompanied by analytics, mobile monitoring, instant notifications and audio talk-down which enable designated security personnel/guards to act accordingly. Even if you are not very technologically savvy, you will find it extremely simple to operate Video IQ.

The system is easily accessed through your tablet or smartphone. It presents numerous advantages which include superb remote perimeter protection and it will save you money as you can now employ a smaller guard force thanks to this system. It also proves to be an effective real-time prevention solution to theft, vandalism and sabotage, with compliments to highly precise video analytics. Pleasingly, Video IQ ups your security and lowers your paranoia…