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FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras

In the field of thermal imaging cameras, FLIR are definitely the market leaders. Their cameras are of a supreme standard and are used across the world. FLIR thermal imaging cameras gives your network of security cameras a major boost and gives you the edge over potential intruders. While criminals thrive on the darkness as it makes them harder to detect, these cameras will put a serious dampener on fiendish plans because they enable you to see threats that are normally invisible to the naked eye. In other words, it is almost as if you have transformed night into day – sorry baddies.

Unlike normal cameras which work in conjunction with light, thermal imaging cameras project images from heat energy that surrounds us. After the camera sensors detect heat, they then conjure colour or black and white images. As the sensors react to heat, humans are a lot easier to detect because they are warm blooded.

Considering its effectiveness and advanced nature, it is quiet easy for one to make an educated guess that no expense has been spared in making these ingenious gadgets. Thermal energy penetrates atmospheric obscurants better and further than visible light, allowing you to see what’s out there through haze, smoke, dust and even light fog. FLIR thermal imaging cameras are the ultimate security measure that always keeps you a step ahead. Choose from their immensely wide variety of cameras to suit your security requirements.