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Axis Communications

Axis Communications is considered to be a leading expert in network video. They offer a broad and most consistent range of high-quality network cameras. They were founded in 1984 in Lund, Sweden and have since then expanded to offices in more than 40 countries.

Axis network cameras have been based on open IP standards as they are compatible to any kind of IP network. They also provide advanced video analytics features, such as motion detection, audio detection and more.

Whether you are looking for a video surveillance solution to secure the safety of people and places, or to remotely monitor property and facilities, Axis Communications will meet your needs. You benefit from an extensive selection of network cameras – several with HDTV/Megapixel resolution – which come in different forms to fully meet your requirements.

Axis Communications is also reputable for its sophisticated video encoders which digitizes analog video signals and sends digital images directly over an IP network, such as a LAN, intranet or Internet. It enables authorized viewers from different locations to simultaneously access images from the same analog camera, as well as network cameras if they are added to the system.

They also have camera applications, video management software and a wide range of accessories. Go with Axis Communications and enjoy the technological prowess and ingenuity that Axis products are renowned for.