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Morphoaccess J Series

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Access-control is amongst the most critical areas in any business or company from a security point of view, considering the day and age we are living in. In that regard if you are looking at beefing up security measures at your workplace, you should definitely have a look at the innovative Morphoaccess J Series. It is a fingerprint access control system that has elegant design and renders high security provision in a small package.

You can use it as a standalone or networked implement and it utilises multiple interfaces including POE on RJ45 and Wi-Fi (which is optional). It has a secure DESFire contactless smartcard reader and has a IP 65 rated for outdoor use.

The Morphoaccess J Series has a plethora of innovative features that have been infused into a sleek, compact design. The stylish, compact and ergonomic design has a high quality finish which is aesthetically pleasing.

Fortunately, it makes allowance for easy installation as it has been adapted to standard electric boxes, POE powered and configurable by USB flash drive. Its multiple interfaces are compatible with most current or legacy access control systems for standalone or networked operating modes.

This product has powerful capabilities due to Morpho having a state-of-the-art optical sensor and biometric algorithms. Unrivalled levels of security are readily available and configurable (down to 10-8) and steady FAR, secure DESFire technology, SSL on TCP/IP, WEP & WPA, anti-tamper hardware.

It is available in two variants:


MorphoAccess J-Bio – to be used for one-to-many fingerprint identification with a database of 500 users (2 templates each), upgradable to 3000 users.

MorphoAccess J-Dual – works best for either for one-to- many identification or one-to- one authentication, by combining fingerprint biometrics with MIFARE/DESFire contact-less smartcard technologies.

18 Nov, 15

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