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Latitude Mid-Sized to Enterprise Network Video Management System (NVMS)

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You can bet your bottom dollar that FLIR are the go-to guys for surveillance equipment as a result of their incredible technological prowess. Latitude NVMS is a cutting-edge video security solution and the platform of choice for corporations and organizations looking for the most effective and efficient way to manage surveillance operations over IP networks.

Showcasing advanced technology, Latitude proves to be extremely useful and powerful. Latitude is a powerful and versatile network video management system for organizations of all sizes. Its inclusion of scalable architecture will render the direct support to a bevy of systems, regardless of size or architecture for implementation. This includes throughout enterprises, across multiple sites, cities and continents.

Latitude was created with the end-user in mind – ease of use is evident when it comes to managing and controlling video operations. You can watch a playback, carry out a search or export while maintaining scalability and usability.

You can have peace of mind that your system will not fall prey to potential IT threats as
FLIR’s IP-mmune suite is designed to proactively take the necessary measures to prevent potential damage. Consider your precious customer data protected and safe.

By gathering relevant data and articulating actionable information, the user gets the necessary guidance on where focus needs to lay. Latitude will also enable the user to start with a small installation and scale-up your network accordingly to thousands of cameras worldwide – grow with your needs.

Not only is Latitude ONVIF Profile S compliant, it is extremely versatile – it integrates with hundreds of edge devices and third-party systems. This gives you more flexibility and freedom of choice.

To save costs in the long run, you can pair Latitude NVMS with FLIR’s storage solutions and edge devices. This will also spurn synergistic, seamless functionality.

07 Jun, 16

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