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Hurricane Single Biometric Reader Mantrap Turnstile

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Access points are a critical area of any surveillance and security integration. For that reason, your company needs a no-nonsense turnstile that will prompt superior performance, not unlike the Hurricane Single Biometric Reader Mantrap Turnstile. Proudly South African, this turnstile is designed and manufactured here and can handle massive volumes of traffic.

It is not only tough as nails but it is also very versatile as it can interface with any biometric reader system or any other card reader system. You can be rest assured that this is a fine product as all the electronic equipment has been crafted to the highest standards and meets all ISO criteria.

The Hurricane Single Biometric Reader Mantrap Turnstile is best suited for areas that require bolstered levels of access control and there is a need of time/attendance documentation.

This turnstile utilises logic that disables the reader when it is locked at zero degrees. The reader is activated when the rotor is locked at forty-five degrees – the logic will then disable the entry and exit push buttons. A two-way direction relay is utilised to arm the reader for entry/exit purposes.

Choose a selectable time to unlock the rotor when it is locked at forty-five degrees to safeguard people from getting unnecessarily trapped in the turnstile as a result of a faulty reader or invalid card. Always putting security first, the turnstile will always let the person out in the correct direct to ensure that unauthorised access is maintained at all costs.

Mantrap Turnstile with a Canopy


Single Turnstile

As far as turnstiles go – this turnstile is as smart as they come. It remembers sequence of events – if there is a power failure, it will remember the last movement and will process the transaction when the power is restored. Installing the Hurricane Single Biometric Reader Mantrap Turnstile will ensure that the strictest security measures are applied and will keep out unwanted visitors.

27 Jan, 16

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