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Hikvision Smart Solution 2.0

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index_10Hikvision Smart Solution 2.0 is the ideal choice for various vertical applications and is an all-in-one Smart platform to manage cameras, NVRs, alarms, access control and decoders. It has a host of enriched Smart features as well as innovative, industry-leading IP products.

Its technological prowess is signified by some amazing features such as object counting, region entering, region leaving, object removing, object leaving, target cropping stream and ANPR (customization required).

The solution has now incorporated the New Hikvision IP cameras. This includes the DarkFighter series, LightFighter series, 6MP Ultra HD series, 4K series, and new 3MP WDR series, with industry-leading product performance. Integrating such technological wizardry renders superlative results, no doubt.

The Smart Solution 2.0 is fitted with Smart features and analytics that enable people counting, heating mapping, LPR, and more. As a result, it is able to adapt to verticals’ special requirements. Recommended areas for usage includes retail, banking, hotel and industrial applications, among others.

If you need more evidence that Hikvision Smart Solution 2.0 is a frontrunner in its market have a look at these features…

Smart Search is a quick retrieval of the camera’s Smart content, such as ANPR or facial recognition. Smart Playback is a playback of important events in normal speed, otherwise footage will play in 16x quick view and Smart Backup is the only store event-based video to maximize storage.

Other winning features include

  • Target Cropping Stream
  • Object Counting
  • Region Enter / Exit
  • Object Left Behind / Object Removed
  • On-board ANPR analytics
  • Smart Codec
  • Analytic + Compression

index_27When you are taking surveillance measures into account, only the best will do. You need a high powered platform to that is going to offer seamless integration of managing your surveillance and security system as well as render superior results. In that regard, Hikvision Smart Solution 2.0 is exactly that – it certainly will not disappoint.

14 Jan, 16

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