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Hikvision DS-2TD2235D-25 Dual Lens Thermal IR Bullet Camera

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A glaring reality is, as time progresses, criminals become more ingenious in their methods of breaking the law. The security of a business is a rudimentary requirement so naturally, the security measures undertaken at a place of work (and home) should exhibit technological prowess and sophistication. In that regard, the Hikvision DS-2TD2235D-25 Dual Lens Thermal IR Bullet Camera makes an incredible addition to any safety and security measure – nothing gets past it unnoticed.

Thermal imaging or infrared thermography basically refers to a detection method that uses infrared cameras to measure the amount of thermal radiation emitted by objects, this thermal radiation is converted to temperature. When it comes to thermal imaging, you can bet your bottom dollar that the Hikvision DS-2TD2235D-25 Dual Lens Thermal IR Bullet Camera excels in every department.

It offers smart detection, which is an extremely sophisticated form of detection. Coverage includes intrusion detection, line crossing detection, region entrance detection, region exiting detection, audio exception detection. Its main stream and sub stream renders a resolution of 384 x 288 resolution. Another nifty feature is the addition of Smart Tracking which includes panorama tracking, event tracking, multi-scene patrolling.

  • Smart IR Function
  • High-performance IR array, up to 120m IR distance
  • Build-in temperature conditioner
  • 3D DNR, 14 pseudo colours, adjustable, image detail enhancement
  • 384*288 resolution, high sensitivity sensor, support contrast adjustment
  • 24/7 long-distance surveillance, 25mm and 50mm lens optional
  • Ultra low light, high performance1/1.8″ progressive CMOS sensor, up to 1920*1080

The Hikvision DS-2TD2235D-25 Dual Lens Thermal IR Bullet Camera will ensure that you have proper checks in order from a surveillance point of view. Try it out for yourself and prepare to be wowed!

12 Apr, 16

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