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HID NFC Mobile Access Control

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HID NFC (near field communication) mobile access control is a secure and convenient way to open doors and gates using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Powered by Seos® credential technology, HID Mobile Access® provides you with the freedom to use a device of choice for secure access to other applications. The solution replaces keys and smart cards with Android and iOS mobile devices – with no additional accessories needed. It provides everything needed to immediately begin using mobile devices, such as Bluetooth- and NFC-enabled smartphones, to unlock doors and open gates from a distance by using HID’s “Twist and Go” gesture technology. After a few successful pilots at major academic institutions and organisations, it has proven to offer safe, user-friendly and flexible access control.

It’s also the next step in the management of digital identities for mobile access as it offers a mobile identity delivery process that is simple to use. HID’s uncomplicated Secure Identity Service portal is unique and intuitive. Administrators just have to get users to download the HID Mobile Access App to their mobile device of choice. After registration, mobile identities can be issued, provisioned or revoked right away. Once the mobile identity is issued, users are able to open doors and gates by simply tapping their mobile devices on a mobile-enable reader. Alternatively, users can just rotate the device to initiate the opening of a door or gate – possible with a Bluetooth connection and HID Global gesture technology. The Seos® technology guards privacy by enabling mobile identities to be issued with end-to-end encryption as part of a unique transaction to protect personal identification data. The Seos® technology at the core of HID mobile access also makes it possible to use smart devices for future applications like PC login, time and attendance and biometrics.

It’s important to think beyond traditional access control offerings and adopt new technologies such as HID NFC mobile access control. Blake Kozak, from the IHS Inc. research firm, said, “Mobile solutions, including secure IDs and a simple yet comprehensive lifecycle management process, are a critical success prerequisite. With the advent of mobile solutions, the access control industry of tomorrow is knocking at the door.”

01 Dec, 16

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