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Gallagher Mobile Solutions

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gallagher-mobile-solutions1Gallagher understand that staying ahead of the game, means taking their security measures to the mobile sphere and that is  exactly what they did. Gallagher puts the power in your hands via their incredible mobile solutions. Combining their world-class Command Centre site management platform with the agility of mobile technology, the Gallagher solution extends security across your site and beyond the security control room.

Gallagher’s award-winning mobile solution conjures some exceptional features such as mobile badging, automated SMS messaging, and seamless integration between mobile control and building management systems. The best part is that the ever technologically advanced Gallagher mobile range of solutions is always expanding and superlatively effective.

The Command Centre Mobile App delivers with flying colours as it securely links your mobile device to Command Centre. This makes managing manage daily security issues from anywhere on-site as simple as pressing a button.


Mobile Reader supports: iPod 5th Gen, iPhone 5/5S, SE, 6, 6 Plus.

Security personnel are able to be on or offsite while still having full view of occurrences onsite via Gallagher Mobile Solutions.

The Gallagher Mobile Reader beefs up the ability of your card reading capabilities. This enables operators to verify a cardholder’s credentials, or remotely authorize a cardholder’s access to a zone – a very nifty method of prompting access-control.

You staff will always be privy to relevant an important occurrences as they will receive SMS notifications from Gallagher Command Centre.

The mobile App can also:

  • Unlock doors
  • Control the lights
  • Monitor credentials
  • Manage alarms
20 Jul, 16

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