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Gallagher Command Centre Ver 7.50

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gallagher-command-centreGallagher Command Centre is the central management platform for the Gallagher security system. It leverages an effective client server architecture and the software prompts a powerful and versatile feature set. This gives the system operator to configure accordingly, monitor and control the security system in an optimal manner. Gallagher Command Centre Ver 7.50 is the new and improved version of Gallagher Command Centre. It offers a range of user enhancements and Mobile Client development and more!

The inclusion of mobile access enables guards to grant, deny or move cardholders from zone to zone when coupled with the mobile reader. The system authenticates the cardholder, access groups, credentials and competencies. This is displayed on the phone and the relevant person will know about whether or not he or she has access. Lockdowns have also been streamlined, a zone can now be put into immediate lockdown from an authorised user’s mobile. If a card is stolen, the unauthorised cardholder can have his access removed via mobile

visitor-management-kiosksAdministrators can receive access to workstations and visitor management kiosks ensure access is always available to staff who require it – this is done via license groups. The new edition of Gallagher Command Centre Ver 7.50 allows the user to end a session to free up available work station licenses – useful for when operators forget to log out.

Another great modification is – the Event Viewer, it has been simplified to provide operators the ability to monitor, search and retrieve all relevant information and stored video footage for a particular event.

A new integration worth noting is that Command Centre v7.50 has made provision for incoming alarms from Gallagher and third party controllers. This is done via the industry standard, Ademco 685 protocol. An integration to Microsoft Active Directory now allows for real-time synchronisation of cardholder and user records.

Gallagher Command Centre Ver 7.50 is an exceptional example of revolutionary technology that puts the user in charge. It is user-friendly and prompts exceptional performance. This edition promises stellar results and then some!

05 Jul, 16

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