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When it comes to wireless HD monitoring, FLIR FX absolutely shines. It is a wireless HD camera and is versatile to the core. Wireless HD monitoring has been bumped up several notches thanks to the inclusion of game-changing technology such as RapidRecap, SmartZone, 1080p HD, Wi-Fi connectivity, and countless exclusive features.

If surveillance is high on your agenda, this is definitely a gadget worth considering. High surveillance measures require cutting edge technology and that is what FLIR FX brings to the table. Review events from hours of cloud recorded video simultaneously with RapidRecap. The SmartZone Alerts feature will ensure that you are notified of occurrences in a specified. Motion sensing technology enables this.

Live video footage of a specified area is accessible to you via your mobile device, anytime, anywhere and the camera has a direct Wi-Fi connection. FLIR FX has a cloud feature that will store video footage up to thirty days at a time. Another fantastic feature is its highly effective accompanying batteries. With FLIR FX’s two internal batteries for up to four-hours of operation, you’ll have plenty of power to record on the go, whether you’re out for a bike ride or capturing scenes in the great outdoors.

The night vision feature will ensure that nothing slips by in the dark. Using commercial-grade infrared illumination, FLIR FX is capable of viewing up to 33 feet away at night with Indoor camera and up to 65 feet with the Outdoor camera – making it the perfect solution for indoor and outdoor monitoring.

It also has a 2-way radio that allows you to communicate with the other side of the lens, a 160° wide-angle lens that lets you cover an entire room and an automatic HDR video function that prevents the direct sun or shadows from interfering with video quality. These features undoubtedly add to FLIR FX being a premium video monitoring solution.

The FLIR FX wireless HD camera will not disappoint, however you don’t have to take our word for it. Try out the free 30 day trial which includes a free trial of FLIR Cloud Plus and prepare to be amazed.

25 Feb, 16

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