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Avigilon H4 Fisheye Camera Line

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Offering 360-degree panoramic views, the Avigilon™ H4 Fisheye camera line is the new indispensable extension of the Avigilon range and an important inclusion in any complete surveillance solution. Using fewer cameras across larger coverage areas, it provides high-resolution, clear image detail with no blind spots.

The H4 Fisheye camera line is cost effective and it’s easy to install the two mounting options (surface dome mount and pendant dome mount). The low-profile design of both options blends in easily with architectural aesthetics, and its vandal-proof and weather-protected housing makes it suitable for tough indoor and outdoor surroundings.

With the H4 Fisheye, security operators can zoom in, focus and investigate a region of interest (ROI) in live or recorded video, as well as view and track an object of interest from point A to B – all while maintaining complete situational awareness. The 6 and 12 megapixel (MP) camera resolution options, with leading frame rates of up to 30 and 20 frames per second (FPS) respectively, have the following features:

  • H4 Platform
    • Avigilon’s highest performing solution
    • Fast processing power
    • Superior image detail
    • Excellent low-light performance
    • Increased frame rates
    • Advanced video analytics capabilities
  • Adaptive IR Technology
    • Provides effective brightness while maintaining brilliant scene illumination in dark environments
  • LightCatcher™ Technology
    • Remarkable detail in low-light settings
  • 360 Degree Field of Vision
    • Captures 360 degrees of view and reduces the number of cameras required
  • HDSM™ Technology
    • Intelligently and efficiently manages HD data
    • View and search through HD video with fewer strains on network resources
    • Exceptional image quality, while keeping bandwidth and storage to a minimum
    • Only sends portion of image needed
    • Search through colossal amounts of HD footage in seconds
    • Keeps file sizes small

30 Nov, 16

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